AC Cleaning

In order to work regular and proper ac cleaning is very important for you ac. AC Services PK provides cleaning services for all type of split ac and central ac. Our ac cleaning experts start by activity of visual inspection of you air conditioning unit. We disassemble the ac unit, checking the filter of ac, fins, fan and coil then test out the unit for leaking inside or any part that my need service or replacement. The fins of the air conditioner system are cleaned using a cleaning foam. The chemicals that we use for fins cleaning are non-toxic.

The air conditioner coil is cleaned by removing corrosion, grease and mud, then sterilezed with an anti-bacterial agent which avoid the expansion of fungus, mould and other gradient found in air conditioning. The ac filter is important unit and it should be removed carefully, then vacuumed to remove all dirt on it. It is then completely washed out using an strength cleaner agent to remove remaining gradients. Once we have finished cleaning your air conditioning unit we connect all its parts together and then test its operation. So don’t hesitate to call us we have the team of professionals and experts.


We Are Providing Professional, Affordable and Reliable AC related Services. You can freely contact us.


We Are Providing Professional, Affordable and Reliable Ac Services

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